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Footbаll is а fаmily of tеаm sports thаt involvе, to vаrying dеgrееs, kicking а bаll to scorе а goаl. Unquаlifiеd, thе word footbаll normаlly mеаns thе form of footbаll thаt is thе most populаr whеrе thе word is usеd. Sports commonly cаllеd footbаll includе аssociаtion footbаll (known аs soccеr in North Аmеricа аnd Ocеаniа); gridiron footbаll (spеcificаlly Аmеricаn footbаll or Cаnаdiаn footbаll); Аustrаliаn rulеs footbаll; rugby union аnd rugby lеаguе; аnd Gаеlic footbаll. Thеsе vаrious forms of footbаll shаrе to vаrying еxtеnt common origins аnd аrе known аs footbаll codеs.


- Corruption in sports

Well-fixed matches are those after which no one will realize that something was wrong.

In theory, it is harder to arrange a match in order to combine the sporting benefit for one team and the financial benefit for the other team, or more simply put to play for a pre-determined result.

It is much easier, at least in theory, to set up a match purely for financial gain on betting sites. 

And although bookmakers’ algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can carefully analyse suspicious coupons and the timing of their submissions, bettors still try various tricks to confuse bookmakers.

- What is a fixed match?

Betting on fixed matches takes place in organised sport, where the game is played with a wholly or partly pre-determined outcome, in violation of the game’s rules and often the law.

The most typical motive is to get money from the bookies.

However, teams may also do so for future gains, such as better picks in the draft or, on paper, a less prestigious opponent in the play-offs.

- How do you know the match was fixed?

Recognising a rigged game is not as easy as it may seem. Imagine how many times you have shouted in front of the T.V. or at the stadium: ‘the referee is a jerk!’ probably more than once, you thought there was something wrong, and either the referee or the players pocketed big money.

But simple mistakes don’t always go hand in hand with corrections because sport is a game of errors, and usually, the one who makes the least of them wins.

Nevertheless, any suspicious behaviour should make you wary. This is the first sign that a preconceived scenario may be unfolding before your eyes.

Another way of identifying fixed plays is through betting sites. If you notice a sudden jump in betting odds on, for example, a team that was given no chance; or strange changes in the number of goals, cards, or corner kicks, be aware that this is not a common occurrence.

For example, when a player concedes an easy goal from two yards out, in the end, he can always justify that it was due to a hole in the field or tension at a critical moment.

But how do you prove that he missed on purpose because it wasn’t in his best interests to win?

- Where to find fixes?

In practice, it is very difficult or even impossible to access information about match-fixing.

On the other hand, the Internet is bursting at the seams with sites promising types for supposed fixes.

But don't trust in every website, so if you read this you are in the right place for sure fixed matches

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Ball games were also recorded before the new era; cuju was one of the pastimes of ancient China, as well as the harpastum in the Roman Republic and its direct ancient Greek ancestor fainínda (φαινίνδα). Each of the listed ancient sports was of a competitive nature, intended for ten to fifteen players per lineup. Medieval Europe gave bloody games with few rules for a much larger number of participants. Frequent injuries, public commotion and noise, but also reduced interest in basic English martial arts, archery, are the reasons why Edward II. justified a ban on such games throughout royal England in 1314. The ordinance was repealed in 1667 after being maintained by numerous amendments in the previous three centuries. However, a 1602 record records the playing of a close football ancestor in Cornwall, the extreme south-western province of Britain. The playing field, about two hundred meters long, is bordered on each side by stands in front of which the goalkeeper would try to prevent the opponent's attempts to score a goal. The ball was not allowed to send a teammate closer to the opponent's goal. It was added with both feet and hands, the teams were constantly changing in possession due to the opponent's pressure and mistakes in passing the ball (such as passing forward), and the goals were mostly very few. Various versions of ball sports were played on the grounds of English universities during the early 19th century. Playing matches between teams from different cities or even institutions of exceptional geographical proximity is hampered by uneven rules. Moreover, the very rare publication of any regulations outside of educational institutions has alienated the common people from any kind of “serious” football, thus keeping the population at the level of centuries-old bloodthirsty games. As football gradually became a game of skill rather than strength, handball became an obstacle. The Cambridge Regulations of 1855 and 1862 allowed only catching balls that did not bounce and returning them to the ground while the ball was within the bounds of the court. The growing differences between football as we know it today and the games from which it originated have led to the need to establish an umbrella football body throughout England. The Football Association, the English Football Association, was founded on 26 October 1863 in London at the initiative of Ebenezer Cobb Morley. After the sixth session in December of the same year, it was forever forbidden to control the ball in the field by hand, as well as tripping, holding the opponent's hands and hitting any kind. Blackheath, one of the twelve founding clubs of the Alliance, withdrew in protest of the previous two rules. Clubs united in rugby principles founded their own governing body in 1871. The first football match, under the official rules of the Federation, was played by Barnes F.C. and Richmond F.C. December 19, 1863. The teams consisted of fifteen players, including 32-year-old founder Morley as part of host Barnes, but no goals were scored after ninety minutes of play. The number of players was finally reduced from rugby fifteen to football eleven less than three years later. Along with the development of the London school, football also developed in Sheffield, of course under different rules. Sheffield F.C., officially the oldest football club in the world, was founded in 1857 by Nathaniel Creswick and William Perst. Sheffield School was the first to introduce free kicks, solid beams instead of ropes, but also the now recognizable British head game due to the early ban on any "handling" of the ball while it is in play. The development of addition is facilitated (too) by the complete absence of hinterland. On the other hand, the rules of the Federation from 1863 required that all players be in front of the ball in the back; therefore, the conquest of space was possible only by dribbling or gatherings that still resembled rugby, or medieval. It was not until the early 1870s that the rules of the hinterland changed, which finally allowed for a more imaginative game of additions. The matches of the first twenty football years were played according to the rules of the home team. As feasible as such a solution was, it was not useful in the long run. In 1877, the two ordinances, the dominant federal and the subordinate Sheffield, finally merged. Furthermore, in 1886, IFAB was established, an international body for the maintenance and development of the rules of the football game, whose decisions are final and binding on all FIFA members. The rules have been refined "on the fly" since the very beginnings of football. For example, a corner kick was introduced in 1872, a penalty kick and a three-pointer in 1891, a substitute for a player only in 1965, and goalkeepers were banned from using their hands to control the ball in 1992 when a teammate intentionally passed it with his foot or lower leg.

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Free Tips (13.07.2022)

fixed matches predictz 

20:45 Linfield (Nir) - TNS (Wal) = X (3.25) FT: ?
20:00 Agua Santa - Oeste = X (3.00) FT: ?
20:45 Eastleigh (Eng) - Oxford Utd (Eng) = X (3.80) FT: ?
Mafia Tips betika fixed

Free Tips (12.07.2022) 

17:00 Zambia - Botswana = X (2.90) FT: 1:1
18:30 El Gaish - Pyramids = X (2.95) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (11.07.2022) 

18:00 Mjondalen - Asane = X (4.00) FT: 1:1

23:00 Lanus - Huracan = X (2.90) FT: ?
15:00 Vietnam U19 - Thailand U19 = X (2.80) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (09.07.2022) 

20:00 Dinamo Zagreb - Hajduk Split = X (3.20) FT: 0:0

17:00 Westerlo (Bel) - Vitesse (Ned) = X (3.95) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (07.07.2022) 

19:00 Floriana (Mlt) - Petrocub (Mda) = X (3.00) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (06.07.2022) 

20:15 Maribor (Slo) - Shakhtyor Soligorsk (Blr) = X (3.25) FT: 0:0
15:00 Indonesia U19 - Thailand U19 = X (3.35) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (05.07.2022) 

20:00 FC Ballkani (Kos) - Zalgiris (Ltu) = X (3.20) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (04.07.2022) 

18:00 Kongsvinger - Ranheim = X (4.00) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (03.07.2022) 

21:00 Bahia - Gremio = X (2.80) FT: 0:0

No Matches

Free Tips (01.07.2022) 

21:15 Grindavik - Selfoss = X (3.85) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (30.06.2022) 

18:00 KFUM Oslo - Sogndal = X (3.75) FT: 1:1

17:30 Haka - KuPS = X (3.40) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (28.06.2022) 

17:00 Kuressaare - Levadia = X (5.50) FT: 1:1

21:15 Kordrengir - Afturelding = X (4.00) FT: 1:1

15:00 Taraz - K.Almaty = X (3.00) FT: 1:1

20:00 Neman - BATE = X (3.55) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (24.06.2022) 

19:00 Dila Gori - Gagra = X (4.65) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (23.06.2022) 

18:00 Radnik (Srb) - Buducnost (Mne) = X (3.55) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (22.06.2022) 

23:00 Patronato - Colon Santa Fe = X (3.20) FT: 1:1
17:00 SJK - Haka = X (3.20) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (21.06.2022) 

20:00 Javor (Srb) - Kolubara (Srb) = X (3.45) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (20.06.2022) 

21:15 Stjarnan - KR Reykjavik = X (3.80) FT: 1:1
18:00 Kongsvinger - Grorud = X (4.20) FT: 2:2
15:30 Don Bosco - Sanga Balende = X (3.40) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (19.06.2022) 

20:30 Huracan - Atl.Tucuman = X (3.50) FT: 0:0
17:30 Serbia U19 - Israel U19= X (3.40) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (18.06.2022) 

20:30 Longford - Cork City= X (3.70) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (17.06.2022) 

19:00 El Ismaily - Arab Contractors = X (2.75) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (16.06.2022) 

20:00 KA Akureyri - Fram = X (4.20) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (15.06.2022) 

18:00 Telavi- Dila Gori = X (2.80) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (14.06.2022) 

20:45 Ukraine - Ireland = X (3.40) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (13.06.2022) 

19:30 Albania U21 - Kosovo U21 = X (3.85) FT: 1:1
18:30 Mariehamn - HIFK = X (3.25) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (12.06.2022) 

20:45 Slovenia - Serbia = X (3.60) FT: 2:2
13:00 Jeonnam - Gyeongnam = X (3.25) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (11.06.2022) 

20:45 Wales - Belgium = X (3.75) FT: 1:1
16:00 SJK Akatemia - KTP = X (3.40) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (10.06.2022) 

17:30 Rentistas - Maldonado = X (2.90) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (09.06.2022) 

18:00 Sweden U21 - Italy U21 = X (3.35) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (08.06.2022) 

18:00 Moldova U21 - Switzerland U21 = X (6.40) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (07.06.2022) 

20:45 Germany - England = X (3.20) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (06.06.2022) 

20:45 Andorra - Moldova = X (2.80) FT: 0:0
17:00 GAIS - Olympic = X (4.10) FT: 2:2
20:45 Belarus - Azerbaijan = X (2.60) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (05.06.2022) 

18:00 Cyprus - Northern Ireland = X (3.10) FT: 0:0
15:00 Madagascar - Angola = X (2.55) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (04.06.2022) 

21:30 Novorizontino - Sampaio Correa = X (3.05) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (03.06.2022) 

21:15 Afturelding - Grotta = X (4.60) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (02.06.2022) 

20:45 Israel - Iceland = X (3.75) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (01.06.2022) 

18:00 Rimini - Recanatese = X (3.20) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (31.05.2022)  

19:00 Team TG FF - Umea = X (3.45) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (30.05.2022) 

17:30 KTP - Ekenas = X (3.35) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (29.05.2022) 

21:00 Vila Nova FC - Gremio = X (2.80) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (28.05.2022) 

17:30 Metta/LU - Super Nova = X (3.65) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (27.05.2022)

18:00 Slutsk - FC Gomel = X (3.20) FT: 2:2
20:30 Fjolnir - Kordrengir = X (3.30) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (26.05.2022)

19:00 Auxerre - St Etienne = X (3.25) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (25.05.2022)

18:00 Omonia - Achnas = X (3.75) FT: 0:0
19:00 Kolding IF - Aarhus Fremad = X (3.45) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (24.05.2022)

20:00 Excelsior - Den Haag = X (4.00) FT: 1:1
20:35 Huracan - Deportivo Madryn = X (4.00) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (23.05.2022)

18:30 Pharco - El Gouna = X (2.85) FT: 0:0
20:45 Notts Co - Grimsby = X (3.40) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (21.05.2022)

20:45 KV Mechelen - Genk = X (4.30) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (20.05.2022)

18:00 Omonia - Ol.Nicosia = X (3.30) FT: 1:1
20:00 Thor Akureyri - Grindavik = X (3.50) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (19.05.2022)

19:00 FK Sarajevo - Velez Mostar = X (3.00) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (18.05.2022)

20:00 National Bank Egypt - Al Ahly = X (3.85) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (17.05.2022)

17:00 Haka- SJK = X (3.00) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (16.05.2022)

20:00 Valerenga - Ham-Kam = X (4.00) FT: 1:1

20:45 Treaty United - Longford = X (3.25) FT: 0:0

Free Tips (15.05.2022)

21:00 Pyramids - Pharco = X (3.60) FT: 0:0
16:00 Chesterfield - Woking = X (3.60) FT: 0:0
18:30 Espanyol - Valencia = X (3.40) FT: 1:1
17:00 Ried - LASK = X (3.80) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (13.05.2022)

17:30 Vitebsk - FC Gomel = X (3.20) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (12.05.2022)

18:00 Odense - Viborg = X (3.40) FT: 1:1
20:45 St.Mirren - Livingston = X (2.85) FT: 0:0
20:30 Servette - Lugano = X (3.60) FT: 2:2
21:00 Excelsior - Roda = X (3.80) FT: 2:2
19:00 Jablonec - Bohemians = X (3.60) FT: 1:1

Free Tips (09.05.2022)

20:00 Graafschap - Eindhoven FC = X (3.60) FT: 1:1
19:00 Viborg - Vejle = X (3.80) FT: 2:2

Free Tips (05.05.2022)

21:00 Marseille - Feyenoord = X (3.80) FT: 0:0
19:00 Djurgarden - Helsingborg = X (5.00) FT: 2:2

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